Your Personal Mission

This inner journey is for you if you wish to cultivate a north star. The best intention to practice while being on this inner journey is openness- allow your intuition to come, and connect to your heart and soul, our greatest command center.

Let’s get started:

First step.

Once you feel complete in step one, circle the most import item in each category. Then follow step two:

I will…(take the circled item in column 4) using my… (take the circled item from column 3), to accomplish… (take the circled item from column 2), and in doing so, also achieve… (take the circled item in column 1)

Here is an example:

I will work on my own growth and my coaching business using my execution, intuition, authenticity and vision, to accomplish helping people have success, satisfaction, and emotional mastery, in doing so also achieve an optimal foundation for our next generation”

Want to take this inner journey further?

  • What is the most important takeaway?
  • What is a new awareness you’ve created about yourself and your current situation?
  • What is one action you want to take this week?
  • What does accountability look like?

Be gentle with yourself as you work on releasing your inner blocks. If you need additional support, I offer 1:1 coaching. You can apply for a discovery call here if interested.

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