Quitting Your Stressful Tech Job May Not Be the Answer

Thinking about quitting your stressful job?

As high-achieving professional women in tech who get good pay, titles, perks, and perhaps seemingly happy relationships, your life looks amazing from the outside. Yet on the inside, why do you still feel hollow? 

You contemplated all sorts of changes- job, partner, home location, yet all of these changes are high stakes considering the effort you’ve put in. 

Your health is not optimal. Your energy is low constantly. You feel anxious or depressed. You get irritated easily. You start to see a therapist and isolate yourself, yet tired of repeating the same old story over and over in each session. 

Friends tell you to be positive or ditch that toxic job/partner. Families ask you to be grateful or give you all sorts of advice that you did not ask for. 

You feel alone in this dark period. You start to wonder “what’s wrong with me?” Very likely you are burned out. It is affecting your health, relationships, and career trajectory. 

Pause before you send your resignation letter

Grass on the other side seems greener from afar, yet you are blinded by the real issues the other gardener deals with daily. You can water your grass daily and still kill the grass if the grass is not grown in the right environment. 

You stand on a crossroad feeling confused (probably for a while now) Changing jobs, partners or locations won’t get you on the other side or out of the burnout cycle unless you address the underlying issues. 

Spend your next 3-6 months wisely, so you can feel confident in your decision making

Self-transformation is the only sustainable way to achieve freedom, joy, and inner peace. Once you go inside and discover your vision, heartfelt desire, and face the real issues, activate your power, it will come clear to you what outside changes need to be in place for you to achieve success on your terms. The decision and actions become intentional.  

I wish someone could guide me through the journey when I was in those dark moments, so I did not have to feel alone and waste time repeating cycles. That’s why as soon as I came out to the other side, I created my signature coaching program -the Conscious Self Mastery to support heart-centered and visionary professional women in Tech to overcome burnout and anxiety for a healthy, connected, peaceful, and fulfilled life. 

What big decisions you’ve been contemplating for a while now, yet still can’t make up your mind? How much longer can you go on like this? 

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