Together we are shifting the paradigm

- heart and soul centered living and leading backed by self discovery-healing-mastery.

Dana Antoun

Director of IT

Before: Anxiety and low confidence after being in a toxic work environment for years

After: Gained old confidence back, took on a new opportunity at a company feeling aligned and respected, flourishing with happiness & inner peace

Christina Yeung

Salesforce Marketing Manager

Before: Emotionally drained, felt lost and stuck at work; mental exhaustion day in and day out

After: Moved forward with inner confidence and clear life purpose; achieved ideal work/life balance; spent less time overthinking about small things; Less critical towards self & others

Erin Lytwyn

Google Cloud Sales Territory Lead

Before: Feeling stuck; holding onto negative emotions for too long, both professionally and personally

After: Being able to address difficult situations; better self-awareness; a better version of self both personally and professionally

Joyce Zou

Google Strategy & Operation

Before: Uncertain about future and lost clarity; relationship challenges both professionally and personally

After: Gained clarity and awareness on how she could solve her relationship and career challenges both from long and short term perspectives to the root level; grounded herself with a more meaningful and successful life; being capable of understanding and relating to others which helped improve her relationships

Nina Zou England

Ex-Alphabet | UNICEF Brand Marketing Consultant

Before: Stuck and burned out; Unfulfilled and insecurity despite a well paid “dream job” in Tech; Imposter Syndrome; stuck with the “helper” status

After: Balanced work/life; Joyful moments each day; New job at UNICEF where passion, purpose, confidence, and authenticity were unlocked; the Lasting impact of Inner strength and resilience to self-coach through crisis and stressful moments; Ended people-pleasing and started to embody authentic leadership

Coaching Testimonial

Cathy Horishny

STEM Trainer

Before: Anxiety and worries

After: Multiple breakthroughs to release worry and move forward with confidence

Love Note: My favorite part of coaching conversations with Sha was Sha herself. Sha will challenge you. Sha will also surprise you with her insight and reflections. Sha is power, vibrancy, intuition, reflection, and creativity! I recommend Sha as a coach to move your life forward in unimaginable ways!

Steph Allen-Google Strategic Partner Manager

Steph Allen

Google Strategic Partner Manager

Before: Low confidence being in an unaligned role

After: More confidence with a new role at Google; New energy

Love Note: This program was truly impactful! Everything felt personalized and prescribed to me and my situation. But above all, even though the program is over, Sha has equipped me with all of the confidence and tools that I need for the future.

Coaching Testimonial

Madeleine Martin-Preney

Outdoor Educator

Before: Life was stressful and tumultuous with interpersonal tension

After: Able to shift her energy to help break the negative patterns.

Love Note: Sha has a beautiful non-judgmental and welcoming presence that instantly puts one at ease. Her candid insights, observations, and validations helped me to see what was REALLY going on and accurately address the areas of my life where I was feeling challenged.

Coaching Testimonial

Sujana Patel

Sonos Brand Marketing

Before: Overwhelmed; Work was not being recognized; Lack of confidence; Irritation

After: Work/life balance; Self- compassion/acceptance

Love Note: It really worked! Discovering yourself can be the most valuable gift you give yourself. After working with Sha, I’ve built compassion, acceptance, and confidence in myself.

Honour Pearson, Google EU Brand & Reputation Manager

Honour Pearson

Google EU Brand & Reputation Manager

Before: Burn-out x2, health issues, extended sick leave, challenges finding support who understands Google’s culture

After: Calmer; More Confident; New rotation opportunity at Google that aligns with passion, strengths, and self-interest; Lasting impact with tools for self-coaching in stressful times

Love Note: I highly recommend Sha's coaching program! Not only did I learn quite a lot about myself and concepts to help me in my professional and personal life, Sha's openness about her challenges, empathy, and honest joy from helping others created a safe space where I felt comfortable being more open myself, which thus led me to be more receptive to the guidance Sha provided.

Coaching Testimonial

Lisa Thompson

GE Health Customer Program Manager

Before: overwhelmed and exhausted

After: Better routine and lifestyle to support health, happiness, and success

Love Note: It was a great experience to be coached by Sha. She has a very comfortable way about her, allowing me to feel safe in opening up. Sha's coaching style was also very attuned to what each session needed. She was able to adapt her coaching approach to best elicit new awareness or overcome my blocks.


Emily Liu

Google Finance Manager

Before: Life was stressful in all aspects. Feeling miserable and stuck to find ways to become happier.

After: Found purpose and clarity in life. Less anxious. More self-care. Better sleep. Healthier relationships!  New understanding of energy and inner child healing.

Love Note: Sha saw me as a whole Emily with lots of compassion. Unlike other therapists/coaches, I felt she could connect with me on a deeper heart/soul level, and create space for honest self-reflection and self-empathy.

A final personal note from Sha.

It doesn't matter whether you are ready for this transformation or not, I want to let you know that you deserve to feel healthy, peaceful, confident, and happy.

If you believe it is time to step into your power, you are at the right place. The good news is: you will feel the inevitable transformation if you are committed to showing up and doing the inner work.

I took a challenging path. You do NOT have to put your health, relationship, career trajectory, and happiness on the line like I did. In fact, I believe I went through it, so I can show you how things can be done differently (and effectively)

You know you are ready if you agree with Bob Moawad:

"The best day of your life is the one where you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours. It is an amazing journey, and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins."

Ready to kick off your inner journey of self discovery, healing and mastery together?