Corporate Offerings

You don’t just want your team to achieve more. You want them to reach their full potential with their well-being in mind. Give your team the gift of time to pause, heal, reflect, and connect to themselves and each other– and grow together,

You are in the right place
if you are a heart-centered visionary leader who:

  • Values well-being and growth, and wants to award your employees with time to pause and connect to their mind, body, heart, and soul for renewed energy 
  • Are re-grouping and wanting to nurture your team, after a particularly difficult time or disappointing project results
  • Wants to build your team up, inspire and encourage them to bring their whole self to work, prioritizing sustainable well-being and performance
  • Wants help creating a special holistic well-being team retreat or corporate event (this might include yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and well-being workshops or half or full-day retreats) 

In an “Always-On” Environment, Vacation Days are Only a Band-aid Solution

You and your team know: the world of Tech and Sales is both exciting and demanding.

Your team works hard to help accelerate business goals and product innovations in a fast-paced, ambiguous, and ever-changing environment.

Caught up in the flurry of activity, there’s a real risk that their individual well-being is neglected on the back burner.

An “always-on” work environment is not sustainable. It leads to high turnover and other well-being-related challenges. And ultimately, low morale and less productivity.

The facts speak for themselves: 95% of human resource leaders admit that employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention.

When you DO NOT prioritize your team’s well-being and growth:

You could lose your “highest-performing employees” at lightning speed.

When you DO prioritize your team’s well-being and growth:

You could be blown away by how previously unmotivated employees become your “right hand”.

Imagine Your Work Environment Full of Conscious, Connected, Joyful, and Super-productive Souls

Imagine leading a team that is healthy in body, mind, and spirit. A team that is also high-performing. 

My mission is to help you create an environment that allows everyone to thrive and maximize their potential.


Your team will walk away from their customized retreat or event:

  • Feeling energized, connected, and peaceful, ready to perform, showing up as the best version of themselves 
  • With practical ways to collaborate and innovate and embody higher emotional intelligence 
  • Cultivating a team culture of belonging, coaching, and a growth mindset

What Team Retreats and Corporate Events includes

~A 30-minute strategy call with you, to assess your team’s needs

~Design of a customized 60-minute to full-day to multi-day retreats or event  

~Delivery of the event

~A 15-minute post-event strategy call about how to keep the energy going

How You Can Customize Your Team Retreat or Event

Part of the power of the retreats and events is that you get to choose your own definition of success, based on what your team needs right now.


Here are some of my most-requested sessions – we’ll talk about what you need during our discovery call.

Group Clarity Breathwork

Powerful and magical breathwork journey to support your team in releasing emotional heaviness and healing on the energetic level, this transformational workshop helps your team to raise their energy, creativity, and consciousness on a collective level, to allow infinite possibilities to happen.


Energy Leadership 

This topic aims to transform HOW your leadership team shows up at work (and in life!). This will boost team morale, collaboration, and innovation under stressful situations. It will also enable and empower the leadership team to raise their energy in the work environment through a practical and effective framework so that they achieve success without sacrificing well-being.

Oftentimes, leadership teams end up using the framework and concept of Energy Leadership to cultivate a self & peer-coaching environment afterward.

* Leaders can take the optional Energy Leadership Assessment to deepen their self-awareness. This assessment is recommended by Forbes as one of the eleven assessments executives and leaders should take.  


Conscious Leadership 

An interactive workshop to help your team to embody a powerful presence with higher consciousness, so that they can achieve consistent high performance in flow state.


Unlock Your Team's Potential

It helps leaders to understand their 4 inner blocks, deepens their self-awareness, and strengthens effective collaboration. This topic also works well with the Energy Leadership framework as an add-on.


Customized Mindful Movement, Pranayam Breathwork, and Guided Meditation

A customized movement, breathwork, and meditation practice created specifically for the needs of your team to move their energy and calm the mind. 


Positive Intelligence

A session on how to use mindfulness and mental fitness to overcome stress and reach the highest potential. This will put your team on a journey from self-sabotage to self-mastery.


Meditative Tea Ceremony

This in-person experience is just what it sounds like: together, we will ground your team’s intentions and meditate with tea. This is a great option to pair with yoga or with any off-site or outdoor retreat.

Is this what your team needs now?

"Thank you Sha for facilitating the 'Positive Intelligence workshop'. Your amazing coaching and facilitation skills help bring my team better together. Your work enables my team to build a stronger foundation to collaborate and to uplevel our performance as a team. Truly fantastic job!"

— Google Ads Strategy & Operation Team

"We had a C-Level executive summit in Mountain View. The CMOs practices yoga on a daily basis, so we thought a yoga, breathing, mindfulness session would be a perfect way to kick off the day and clear our heads. Sha worked with us to develop a bespoke 30 min session and delivered a very relaxed, yet impactful yoga session. The clients were blown away by her hospitality and was thrilled to have started the day this way."

— Google Partnerplex Team

“Thanks Sha for teaching us yoga today! I loved your innovative yoga flow which combines yoga and chakra meditation seamlessly together. It helped unite our mind and body. Namaste!”

— Google Yogi Community

“Thank you for the fantastic Well-Being Mindfulness Workshop you delivered to the NorthAm Workspace Practice team at our virtual off-site. This content helped connect the team to an important historic pillar of Google culture. They will be better equipped to keep self-care and self-improvement a priority.Excellent job Sha, thanks again!”

— Google Workspace Team

“The whole workshop was so practical! As we went through it, I already started to think about when to implement those tools in what situations. Thank you, Sha!”

— Google Cloud Sales Team

“We can't thank Sha enough! The retreat was a great combo of reflection + bonding with the team + fun + personal development. Appreciate the passion you put into this!”

— Salesforce

"Sha, thank you so much for leading an incredibly valuable Mental Fitness workshop for our DEI group. We had 60 people join and you kept the audience engaged the entire time. This was such useful content and we all appreciate you taking the time to share it with our org."

— Google GTech team

“I haven’t felt so peaceful and calm in A WHILE. I was surprised that I was able to keep my racing thoughts away during the workshop, I’m so grateful, thank you for such an amazing experience.”

— Airbnb

“Thank you for building and leading the incredible Wellbeing Workshop (1 hour) for the all EBC team (20+ members) during the offsite. This was a critical workshop as the EBC team embarks on a journey to expand and scale globally. The team couldn’t have connected with each other better, you brought the global team who works at a different geo/time-zone into one, and the impact you provided is immense!Thank you so much for building the bond for everyone!”

— Google Cloud Global Executive Briefing Team

“Thank you for the talk at our Yoglers 3.0 Summit for our 7000+ Yogler community. Your presentation was outstanding! You directly contributed to the success of the first summit of this kind for our group and for that we are deeply grateful.”

— Google Yogi Community

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