Conscious 1:1 Coaching

Everything is transitory, the only thing that's not is our soul. Conscious 1:1 Coaching is for you to embrace and embody conscious living leadership - a soul-centered approach to life, relationship, and career.

Are you ready to achieve success on your own terms without sacrificing your well-being?

My coaching packages are customized to your needs and goals, offering personal, professional, spiritual support, and practical game plans to move you forward. 

Do you need Conscious 1:1 Coaching?

Coaching is particularly helpful when you’re facing change. Or, you have a goal in mind and need focused 1:1 support over a period of time to keep you on track.

Perhaps you’re going through a work transition such as a new job (or career).

Or maybe you’re desiring a soulful transformation, such as inner growth, or exploring a new way of being, connecting, and doing that's more authentic to you. 

I work with clients at every stage. What are you facing right now? 


Grappling with a sudden transition – All at once, you are facing “what’s next”. You want to calm your mind, heal your heart – and remain true to yourself.


Tired of putting masks on every day – You want to show up more authentically. You want success on your own terms. And you want to feel deeply connected each day.


Experiencing the excitement (and stress!) of a new beginning – But you worry that your “old self” will sabotage everything. You want to stay aligned with your higher self.


Stuck at a crossroads (for a while) – You’re finding it difficult to trust yourself. Inside, you’re ready for change, but aren’t sure what direction is aligned for you.


Making decisions, and wanting to stay on track – You’re on a path of significant and exciting growth. As you spread your wings, you need to stay clear and purposeful. 


You feel an inner calling – You are destined for more. To fully step into who you really are, you know that you need help getting clarity, releasing what holds you back, and owning your power. 

The Conscious 1:1 Coaching Method

Conscious 1:1 Coaching is fully customized based on your needs, using these three pillars as the foundation:

Self Discovery

This pillar will reveal your truth, purpose, shadows, gifts, unique operating system, and how your current state of being and doing serves you or not. It will clarify your soul curriculum and what you need to live your soul purpose. With this step, we will get the clarity you need to move forward. Then together, we’ll co-create a plan to get you where you want to go.

Healing and Release

This pillar will harmonize your mind and emotions from the inside out.  In a safe space, we’ll dive deep, and release what's holding you back.

Living Leadership Mastery

This pillar puts what you’ve learned into practice. Using the insights and harmonization from the first two steps, we’ll create practical game plans. This will set you up for success, and support your well-being, authenticity and success on your own term.

Dana Antoun, USF Director of IT

“I highly recommend Sha’s coaching program! Every time I have a session, I am peeling and reflecting on my life which is quite a unique experience! This is truly a full-circle coaching style and an inner and outer experience for yourself. It’s empowering to deep dive into myself and start this journey.

I’ve had multiple coaching programs, Sha’s coaching program is different, it really lets you work on yourself, not from the corporate standpoint. ”

— Dana Antoun, Director of IT

Here’s What Conscious 1:1 Coaching Looks Like

It all starts with your free Discovery Call. During your call, we’ll have a gentle, exploratory discussion to assess where you are, and what you need right now.

There’s no pressure, or obligation to book. You’ll also be able to ask questions. If you decide to invest in Conscious 1:1 Coaching, we’ll schedule your sessions in advance. 

We will meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. All 1:1 coaching sessions will be conducted virtually on Google Meet or Zoom.

What you’ll experience


We’ll kick off with an in-depth Energy Leadership Index Assessment and Debrief to understand how you show up consciously and unconsciously under normal and stressful situations. 


Then we’ll deep-dive into your current state vs. ideal future state.


We will work in partnership.

Each session builds on the next:

I will ask you to bring forward topics, with a goal in mind. 

Together, we’ll explore your vision, what’s been holding you back, and release any blocks.

I’ll guide conversations for self-discovery and healing

You’ll walk away with new insights and practical next steps to achieve self-mastery as you integrate everything in daily life. 


You will need to give yourself full permission to explore freely and be brutally honest with yourself. 


*Current Special Offering: As we co-create this journey together, I will create abstract paintings as a way to capture your inner landscape and growth at certain times. These paintings will be sent to you as a gift towards the end of the 3 or 6 months.


“I enjoyed working with Sha! Sha saw me as a whole Emily with lots of compassion. Unlike other therapists/coaches, I felt she could connect with me on the deepest level from the bottom of my heart/soul, and create space for honest self-reflection and self-empathy. 

Life was stressful in every aspect of my life before working with Sha. I felt lost even with all my great achievements at work and in life. I didn't know why I felt more miserable and how to become happier. Sha held my hands in every ups and downs to support me in finding my purpose and authentic self. Most of the time, I was able to gain so much more clarity just by talking with her!

— Emily Liu, Finance Manager at Google

How Conscious 1:1 Coaching will help you

The Conscious 1:1 Coaching method was specifically designed for visionaries, heart-centered leaders, or aspiring leaders like you. It’s a holistic approach to coaching that helps you reach new heights of success while feeling fulfilled, energized, and connected to your authentic self.

With over a decade of experience working with high-achieving individuals and leaders in tech and sales, I understand the challenges and opportunities you face. 

Each session will help you tap into your inner wisdom, and guide you to take inspired actions toward your goals.

To achieve your ultimate well-being and success, we’ll use a “three-legged stool” solution that includes:

Connecting to yourself on the mind-body-heart-soul level

Harmonizing your inner world, and releasing old patterns

Making decisions, and taking actions aligned with your authentic self.


Conscious 1:1 Coaching will help you make meaningful and sustainable changes in your life one step at a time. Depending on your needs, I may support you:


  • Get unstuck, by clarifying your purpose and values, so you can live and lead with authenticity
  • Remove and purge any inner blocks that work against you, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on new challenges 
  • Increase mental and emotional resilience and your capacity to manage stress while remaining calm, centered and joyful
  • Heal your heart and restore your confidence after a sudden, unexpected personal or work change
  • Develop a well-being practice that supports your success, energy, and balance during a new beginning or times of exciting (but stressful) growth 
  • Step into your true calling by improving your communication and leadership skills, so you can influence and inspire others  
  • Confidently make important decisions using both intuition and intellect, aligning your work with your soul's purpose, so you can feel fulfilled and energized
  • Manage stress, anxiety, and imposter syndrome, so you can remove your “mask”, stop pretending - and feel confident and empowered on your terms.
Steph Allen, Google Strategic Partner Manager

“Sha's coaching and teaching were truly impactful! Everything felt personalized and prescribed to me and my situation. But above all, even though the program is over, Sha has equipped me with all of the confidence and tools that I need for the future.”

—Steph Allen, Google Strategic Partner Manager

Ready to step up your game and reach your fullest potential?

Wondering if you can expense this? Let’s talk. I have some ideas for you…

Is Conscious 1:1 Coaching for You?

Conscious 1:1 Coaching is for you if:

  • You’re in a career or life transition
  • You have specific goals you’re working toward   
  • You would benefit from focused support, over time, to keep you on track
  • You are eager to take charge of your life and career
  • You crave a balanced, connected, purposeful and harmonious life and career
  • You are ready to step into your power 

Conscious 1:1 Coaching is NOT for you if:

  • You want a quick fix
  • You’re not open to diving deeper to see the truth
  • You’re not ready to invest in yourself
  • You’re happy with your current life and career



Are you ready for some inner growth that fuels personal transformation?

It all starts with your free, no-obligation discovery call.