Soul Community

Transformational retreats and workshops for inner peace, joy, clarity, and aliveness. 


Soul Community

Transformational retreats and workshops for inner peace, joy, clarity, and aliveness.

Many of us pushed away our ability to experience life to its fullest

• We suppress, overthink, rationalize, disassociate, and numb our emotions to feel safe

• We pretend, perfect, and prove to seek love and the feeling of worthiness

• We exhaust our energy to achieve “success” defined by others at the cost of our health and relationships

• We overly criticize ourselves and self-sabotage because that was how we were treated by our parental figures

• We fight through life like wounded warriors, carrying a tremendous amount of heaviness, to a point where we lose access to our ability to feel aliveness

• We wrap ourselves in layers of conditions and shadows and disconnect from ourselves and others

What does it take to cultivate inner peace, joy, aliveness and live life to its fullesst?

For some, it's prioritizing and tending to our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies;

For some, it's healing, releasing, and cultivating inner light, so we relate to external circumstances differently

For some, it's pausing, releasing, reflecting, and remembering who we are without our shadows and conditions;

For some, it's quieting our minds and allowing clarity and our senses to come alive.

What is the community about?

Experiential and transformational retreats and workshops grounded in self-discovery, healing, and mastery to support your journey of:

  • remembering and embodying your authentic self
  • healing on a somatic and energetic level
  • releasing self-sabotaging patterns and emotional baggages through breathwork, meditation, movement, and creative self-expression
  • connecting with like-minded individuals
  • connecting to nature

Who are the community for?

This community is for you if you are:

  • stepping into new challenges, opportunities, or a new journey, and you know deeper healing and/or self-mastery needs to take place
  • burned out, and need some time to pause, reflect, and heal, so you can get in touch with your authentic self and aliveness
  • waking up to seek the truth 
  • inspired to get on the inner journey to connect deeply to yourself and mind alike people
  • nature lover
  • creative and spiritual being

Join us and discover the magic of self-love and community.

Where are the workshops and retreats taking place?

Both in-person and online.

We are co-creating our experiences not just in relation to people, but also to space and elements.

Nature has its magical healing power; a place with a totally different culture helps us to see the same land with a new set of eyes; a quiet sacred space allows our senses and creative energy to come alive.

In-person workshops and retreats will take place in spaces with the elements mentioned above considered. Shorter workshops and masterclasses will be offered online.

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Why I created this Soul Community

There's magic in traveling together on the inner journey. 

On my own inner journey of self-discovery, healing, and mastery, I noticed how my body, mind, heart, and soul needed different attention at different times.

Sometimes my physical body was calling for grounding and movement

Sometimes my heart was ripe for opening and forgiveness

Sometimes my mind wanted to be still and untangled

Sometimes my soul urged me to connect with other like-minded beings

Sometimes my energetic body was ready to release dense emotional energy for light to come in

Sometimes my inner child wanted to explore, play, and experience pure joy and laughter

(I’ve learned that the path to healing doesn't have to be dark and heavy all the time)

... ...


This sacred inner journey is not a linear one.

The more we humble ourselves into the practice and engage in the experience fully,

the more we are opening ourselves to the magic of self-healing,

The deeper self-healing we allow, the more clarity we receive about who we really are behind the conditions, shadows, and fear,

The more authentic we are, the more we trust the unknown and are willing to dance with life.

On my own journey of cultivating that inner light instead of allowing my shadows and darkness to consume me as I welcomed new opportunities,

I found my joy, calmness, confidence, and trust were not an “act”, but rather my natural state of being radiating from inside out regardless of external circumstances.


Let’s share this journey together, shall we?

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The Soul Community creates a space that allows our body to heal,

our mind to be still,

our hearts to be open,

and our collective consciousness to elevate together.

When we get on the path of self-discovery, healing and mastery,

we cultivate clarity and peaceful minds;

and we awaken our essence, senses , and inner warrior.

Over time, we are more able to take courageous actions toward our passion, true happiness, and creativity.

Our calm, confident, and energetic presence helps us lead our professional and personal lives with less distraction, frustration, stress, or fear. 

YES, count me in!