Hey! I'm Sha.

I support heart-centered leaders and visionaries in Tech and beyond like you to heal, unstuck, and step into your higher self, so that you can lead your professional and personal life with clarity, inner peace, joy, and true confidence.  


And the important byproduct for you?

Expressing your unique gifts and vision in the world and
Having a healthy body, mind, heart, and spirit.

My personal Vision

One peaceful connected and empowered soul at a time for a better world and a solid foundation for the next generations.

My Philosophy

Though I've been on a professional and personal path myself, and CAN put on my "mentor/advisor" hat when needed, I firmly believe that "All answers lie within us". 

As your coach and breathwork practitioner, I see my main role as guiding you to make a deep and honest exploration of your own inner journey. This way, you’ll discover and follow the path that feels right for YOU. 

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You got tea? I got a story. And I'm betting that it's probably similar to yours...

The chapters of my life in crisis ...transition...soulful inner transformation 

Sha-Burnout Coach-Holistic Well-being

Chapter 1: People-pleasing, Perfectionism, Hyper- achieving, Restlessness, Imposter Syndrome.

(it all started in my childhood)

Growing up with parents who were judgemental, controlling, and emotionally unavailable, I became that “good girl” who carried secret rage and resentment deep inside.

At the age of 17, I came to the US and found myself navigating the world and my rich emotions all alone. In time, my frustration and rage showed up as issues at work and in my personal life. 

I acted confident and happy, but inside I felt the pain of self-doubt,  restlessness, and numbness.

Chapter 2: Burnout, Dark Night of the Soul, Awakening

(despite multi-six-figure success in Tech)

I felt like a walking zombie. Instead of enjoying my success, I found myself fully awake at 2 a.m. soul-searching. Most of my bonuses were spent on expensive retreats, I thought escaping through retreats, changing jobs, changing locations, or even changing my partner were the answers (I was only 20% right)

For years, I watched myself repeat similar behaviors of my parents that not only wounded me; but kept me stuck. I knew that if I didn’t dive deep to discover and heal what was holding me back, nothing would change. 

After experiencing inner growth through Energy Leadership coaching, I got certified myself. Since then, I supported hundreds of leaders at Google and beyond with Conscious 1:1 Coaching and experiential corporate offerings.

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Chapter 3: From Suffering to Inner Peace, Joy and Freedom

"Knowing" on the intellectual level is just part of the game...

As I was sitting in my 10-day vipassana (insight) meditation retreat after a couple of health scares, a strong intuition hit deeply inside of me. That became the best day of my life as l finally had the courage to purify my mind, open my heart, and master myself by taking aligned actions.

I went back to my roots to master the practice of Pranayama and Vipassana meditation. It was a practice, NOT a concept that the Buddha taught for thousands of years to transfer suffering into peace, joy, and freedom.

I devoted myself to the journey of self-discovery, healing, and mastery with curiosity, humility, focus, consistency, and patience, my state of "being" transformed in ways I never thought possible. 

I dreamed of cultivating a portal where like-minded people come together to share the inner journey and connect authentically. I've co-created transformational workshops and retreats and the Podcast Show "Inner Journey of Conscious Leaders"

Chapter 4: Deep Healing, Fully Alive and Aligned.

In total surrendering, I traveled from my mind to my heart. 

When I thought I had it all figured out, 12,000 Googlers, my team included were laid off.  The sudden change forced me to go deeper in my healing. As I embarked on a brand new journey, I knew a deeper inner child and deep emotional healing needed to take place. 

I was divinely guided into the Quantum Alignment System and Clarity Breathwork, a feminine gentle breathwork approach to deep healing, which helped me fully embrace my dharma.

I then got trained to become a Clarity Breathwork practitioner, certified as a Quantum Human Design Specialist and Quantum Alignment System Practitioner to support others for deep healing and soul alignment. A transformative offering the Higher Self Alignment was born.

Ready for a deep healing journey?


I imagine a world where every soul wakes up each day full of energy, experiencing life and work that is not only prosperous, but supports their unique authenticity, soul purpose and well-being.

Finding a way to make this happen has become my mission.

Positive changes starts from inside out.

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My Superpowers as a Coach

My Superpowers come from my natural gift of holding space for deep healing and transformation, and my own experiences. Like you, I’ve been walking on the spiritual path of awakening. I speak your language, and I get your pain. 


Are you ready to go “all in”? If so, MY Superpowers can help YOU cultivate a powerful inner landscape that can make anything possible:

  • Ability to see different perspectives and speak the (hard) truth, holding space to support you in releasing what's been holding you back
  • Natural capacity to hold a safe space for emotional healing, processing, and de-conditioning
  • Deep understanding of Western Psychology and ancient Eastern wisdom, offering the best of both worlds.
  • Decades of experience in Tech and Corporate America (including Google) coaching executives and facilitating team workshops on holistic well-being, leadership development, mindfulness, personal transformation, innovation culture, and more 
  • Strong intuition and demonstrated business acumen to help you cultivate practical game plans

My Certifications, Experiences, and Credentials:

I am a lifelong learner. What I’ve listed below is just a PART of my own journey.


  • 2020-present: ACC Certified Professional Coach - International Coaching Federation
  • 2021-present: Positive Intelligence (PQ) Mental Fitness and Mindfulness Facilitator
  • 2019-present: Certified Professional Coach – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)
  • 2016-2023: Holistic Well-being and Core Energy Leadership Coach, Workshop and Retreat Guide and Speaker at Google
  • 2020: Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment -iPEC

Sales and Tech

  • 6+ years in Google Cloud sales and Executive Briefing and Innovation Center, coached sales teams to close multiple $xxxM dollar deals
  • Official speaker at Google Cloud Executive Briefing and Innovation Center, Google Cloud Next, Google Tech Talk in Seattle, HR.com, Women Techmakers and more
  • Guest lecturer at Udacity teaching courses such as Digital Transfomration and Innovation Culture
  • 10 years as a facilitator and coach to executives and leaders in Sales and Tech

Healing and Personal Transformation

  • 2023: Clarity Breathwork Practitioner training
  • 2023: Quantum Human Design Specialist training
  • 2023: Quantum Alignment System (QHD based Tapping- Emotional Freedom Technique) Certifications Training with Karen Curry Parker
  • 2023: Residency at Esalen Institute, established in 1962 and considered the epicenter of the Human Potential Movement for exploration, transformation, and healing.
  • 2023: Self Mastery Training-Shaolin Temple
  • 2020: Trauma-informed Somatic Healing with Peter Levin
  • 2018: Yale University, Science of Wellbeing Certification

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness 

  • 2023: Awake in the Wild year-long meditation immersion with Mark Coleman
  • 2023: Meditation & The Mind 60-hour Training with Kia Miller
  • 2022: Mantra & the Sound of Yoga 60-hour Training with Kia Miller
  • 2021: 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training specializing in Radiant Body Yoga (Vinyasa, Kundalini, Ashtanga-8 Limbs of Yoga) with Kia Miller
  • 2021-present: Vipassana Meditation Teacher Training
  • 2020-2022: Calm for Business Ambassador Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
  • 2018: Prana and Pranayama 60-hour Teacher Training with Kia Miller
  • 2017: Inner Engineering at ISHA Yoga
  • 2017-present: Buddhist Psychology, Mindful Leadership, and Dharma practices at Spirit Rock - An Insight Meditation Center
  • 2016: 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher specializing in Vinyasa Flow and Alignment with Danni Pomplun

My two cents for choosing a coach, mentor, guide…to co-create the journey

When considering a coach or guide, credentials, and experience are important – yes.

And, as you’ll be working intimately with "the person" (not their titles or techniques) you also need to make sure that you "click" personally. 

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My style?

Compassionate, Intuitive, Strategic, Practical, Thought Provoking, Empowering, Nurturing, and Holistic.

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"Sha is an exceptionally strategic leader who applies her experience driving innovation with clients to help address specific business challenges and navigate complex scenarios. On top of that, her coaching abilities make her the one who both I and her team regularly looked to for guidance in solving difficult problems. I’d highly recommend working with Sha as she excels at leveraging her strategic thinking strengths to facilitate meaningful client engagements. "

- Global Lead

"Sha's compassion for people combined with her strategic mindset brings outstanding coaching skills. Sha has been constantly asked from inside/outside Google for professional coaching and for leadership development workshops/keynotes at conferences. I was touched by countless 'thank you' messages sent to her from the people whose lives were changed by Sha.

Sha's strength in solving open-ended problems, passion for achieving business outcomes with the 'big picture' implications for stakeholders, and her ability to bring effective analysis to problem-solving inspired me!


Sha's been consistently demonstrating her strong strategic insights at every moment as she brings her full expertise/experience in tech sales and professional executive coaching. Sha's business insights are so valuable that many seasoned sales leaders look to her to seek consultation for sales strategy and customer engagement strategy, leading her to help Google accelerate $xxxM deals. "


- Ianka

"Sha is an incredible coach. Sha is extremely intelligent and strategic. She was also a phenomenal public speaker -- engaging, confident, and with a strong stage presence. I saw her really shine during a 2019 Seattle Tech Talk event that she organized and MC'd for 80+ attendees.

Sha was very thoughtful with her coaching and mentoring approach. On weekly basis, we'd sync on specific topics where she'd address questions, provide timely training/materials, and coach me on soft skills, too.

Sha is one of the most gifted, smart Googlers I've ever worked with. I have learned a TON from her. She sets a great example for others on her team and clients love her. "

— Kelly Stuessy, Google Account Manager

"Sha brought a lens of Diversity and Inclusion to everything she did. Sha always helped others on the team grow to their highest potential. I am a big fan of Sha as she gives her whole self to everything she does. "

— Leah Williams, Google Cloud Sales Director

"Sha has a beautiful non judgmental and welcoming presence that instantly puts one at ease. Her candid insights, observations and validations helped me to see what was REALLY going on and accurately address the areas of my life where I was feeling challenged."

— Madeleine Martin-Preney, Outdoor Educator

"Sha is a very driven, strategic, thoughtful, and most importantly, phenomenal coach. Sha was my coach when I was making a career transition to sales. She spent countless hours to help me achieve my goal, and as a result, I was not only able to land a new opportunity within 4 months of starting this journey but a lot of the skills I learned from our sessions served as a basis for my success in the new role."

— Amy Yu, Operation Manager, Google

"Sha is an incredible and authentic individual. She has inspiring and motivating energy and is the type of person you always want to work with. Sha has a high emotional intelligence which translates into client empathy, a skilled listener and the ability to navigate challenging situations."

—Chelsea Czop, Google Product Manager